Mineral Exploration Safety Culture

At Godbe Drilling, We Cut Cores… Not Corners

Godbe Drilling, LLC prioritizes the health and safety of every employee. The company adheres to a strict safety policy and follows all client policies, federal and state workplace safety laws, local rules, and all regulations issued by MSHA, OSHA, DOT and the EPA. We are also AVETTA approved.

Our goal is be the safest drilling company in the world, and we believe our focus on safety ensures we live up to that promise.

Our Safety Protocols

Godbe Drilling provides all staff members with the knowledge, skills, and equipment needed to protect themselves and others while on the job. The company does this by providing consistent, comprehensive training to anyone on site and holding regular safety training courses.

Furthermore, Godbe Drilling operates with a safety-first approach to leadership. Every level of management is responsible for safety during all phases of production. Meanwhile, each employee is responsible for their own safety and job performance.

In our company’s eyes, safety and production are inseparable. We engage in strategic satey planning before every expedition, and we maintain it throughout every phase of the job.

To learn more about Godbe Drilling’s approach to on-site safety, download our company’s Safety Guidelines. Other related documents, such as Godbe Drilling’s Safety Risk Assessments, Safe Work Procedures, Substance Abuse Policy, and Insurance Certificates are all available upon request.