Our Diamond Core Drilling Equipment

We’ve Got The Right Machinery For The Job

Surface, Underground, Helicopter Supported Exploration Drilling Projects

A successful mineral exploration project needs a complete and well equipped drill program. Godbe Drilling has the necessary equipment to yield incredible results in any geographic region throughout the United States and Mexico.

Godbe Drilling Equipment Profile

Godbe Drilling currently operates ten core drills. These drills include: LF70s, CS1000s, Maxi drills, CT14 LF90 Multipower Titans, LY LF-70s, and small but extremely powerful underground drills.

Our truck-mounted, track-mounted core drills allow us to access highly remote areas with poor terrain. Also, because we know our equipment must operate in extreme conditions and remote locations, our drills can run off air, electricity, or diesel.

Our drills include solids control as well. These closed loop systems use a centrifuge, desanding cones, and shale shaker to recriculate materials into the environment without creating environmental risks.

Our Drills

Multipower Titan HD

This deep-hole track-mounted core drill is capable of 50,000 lb pull rated + 2000 meter capacity.

Longyear LF90D

This truck mounted core drill is capable of 4000 ft + depth capacity.

Atlas Copco CT14

This truck mounted core drill capable of depths greater than 5000 ft.

Longyear LF70 Super 70

This track mounted core drill fly drill capable of depths greater than 1000 meters.


This truck mounted drill with depth capacity greater than 4000 ft HQ.

Atlas Copco CS1000

This track mounted core drill is helicopter fly capable with depths up to 1000 meters.

Longyear LF90LS

This skid mounted core drill has a depth capacity over 3000 ft HQ.

Versadrill KNM .8

This underground skid mounted aluminum tower is for fly projects and capable of 2000 ft HQ depths.